“As a kid, I was sinked in maximalism. My surroundings were overflowing with decorative architecture and extravagant dressing. Yet, I kept fighting against dresses and was startled every time I saw pink. Instead, I was admiring more masculine garments that I associated with strength and power.

However, during my studies I started to get interested in femininity in a whole new way. I started to study marriage, widowhood and their influence on women’s dressing in history for my thesis. The more I paid attention to my surroundings, the more I found that power and strength also in femininity. In 2021, along with my studies, I designed my first collection “Curtain Robbers”. At the same time Bergman Design was founded, bursting with maximalism from my childhood and highlighting the stunning strong femininity.”

-Erika Bergman, the owner of Bergman Design